The Art of Conversation with Pat Riley, 9 NBA Titles

Pat Riley joins Dan Le Batard for the first SportsCenter Special: The Art of Conversation.

The legendary coach, executive, and nine-time NBA champion discusses:

(1:45) The "greed" of winning and his competitive spirit

(3:20) His favorite NBA championship

(6:00) His relationship with his parents

(6:48) His car collection

(7:33) His upbringing and how it helped shape his life

(10:00) His controversial departure from the Knicks

(12:00) His relationship with his wife Chris and his family

(16:10) When his ego got in the way of his career

(17:10) How he almost retired after losing to the Knicks in 1999

(17:47) His relationship with Alonzo Mourning

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