IBCA Mentoring


The IBCA coach mentoring program is designed to bring coaches together to share ideas, build relationships, and learn from experiences of veteran coaches. The program provides a structure to assist with newer coaches’ development and retention in our profession.

Become a mentor



The mentor acts as a resource for the mentee.

The mentor initiates and organizes phone calls and any other activity that may be useful.

  • Must be an IBCA member

  • Must have 4+ years’ experience in your role/retired

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment

Become a mentee



The mentee shows a willingness to actively participate in all mentoring calls and activities.

  • Must be an IBCA member

  • Must have three years or less in your current role (exceptions varied)

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment


Seven required calls (first Sunday of each month):

  1. September 2022
  2. October 2022
  3. November 2022
  4. December 2022
  5. January 2023
  6. February 2023
  7. March 2023


  1. 2022-2023 discussion topic suggestions.
    • Pre-season planning
    • Setting goals and expectations
    • Defining your mission
    • Organization
    • Communication strategies
    • Leadership building
    • Creating a winning culture
    • Establishing accountability
    • Finding your non-negotiables
  2. Training pdf
  3. Shared resources
  4. Contact Jeff Schertz for further assistance.