IBCA Mentoring


The IBCA coach mentoring program is designed to bring coaches together to share ideas, build relationships, and learn from experiences of veteran coaches. The program provides a structure to assist with newer coaches’ development and retention in our profession.


We are excited to move into year 3 of the IBCA mentoring program. We will continue with many of the great things from the past two years. One to one pairings and preseason zoom meetings will continue to be at the core of our mentor/mentee focus.

Become a mentor



The mentor acts as a resource for the mentee.

The mentor initiates and organizes phone calls and any other activity that may be useful.

  • Must be an IBCA member

  • Must have 4+ years’ experience in your role/retired

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment

Become a mentee



The mentee shows a willingness to actively participate in all mentoring calls and activities.

  • Must be an IBCA member

  • Must have three years or less in your current role (exceptions varied)

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment

Become an Emerging Coach


Emerging Coach

Emerging Coaches is an extension of the IBCA mentoring program. If you are a Junior High, 9th grade, 10th grade, JV, or Varsity assistant coach that wants to be a part of learning and networking across the state, this is for you. As an Emerging Coach, you will have an opportunity to learn and participate with access to our preseason zoom meetings and information.

  • Must be an IBCA member
  • Must not be a head varsity coach (Varsity coaches are encouraged to register as a Mentor/Mentee
  • Must be willing to make a 1-year commitment

Seven required calls (first Sunday of each month):

  1. September 2022
  2. October 2022
  3. November 2022
  4. December 2022
  5. January 2023
  6. February 2023
  7. March 2023


  1. 2022-2023 discussion topic suggestions.
    • Pre-season planning
    • Setting goals and expectations
    • Defining your mission
    • Organization
    • Communication strategies
    • Leadership building
    • Creating a winning culture
    • Establishing accountability
    • Finding your non-negotiables
  2. Training pdf
  3. Shared resources
  4. Contact Jeff Schertz for further assistance.