It All Starts with Player's and Coach's Mindset

The concept of mindset is a hot topic among educators, administrators, leaders, coaches, and the self development. It's almost certain that a coach with a mindset that is riddled with negative and limited thinking, will not have the year his team is capable of. 

Mindset is defined as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. When involved in a team sport it is essential for each member of the team to have a common set of beliefs and values around the game, teammates, and relationships. A team without a tough mindset will be inconsistent and rarely reach their potential. 

This concept is worth talk about with your staff. What is the mindset of the players in your program? A common mindset can foster togetherness and cohesiveness and both are ingredients for winning.


IBCA CLINIC is Saturday October 28th in WDM

IBCA CLINIC is Saturday October 28th in WDM

The Fall 2023 IBCA Clinic will held at Mid American Rec Plex in West Des Moines on Saturday, October 28th. This years clinic will again be a hybrid...

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